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The Kristaps Porzingis era could not have ended any other way



Article Summary:

Case in point: it wasn’t that long ago that there was a debate within the Mavericks community about whether or not the Mavericks should try and trade Kristaps Porzingis for Philadelphia’s Ben Simmons. He’s getting to the free throw line more and has had moments where you can squint and see “Bubble Porzingis.” So why now? Why for this package of subpar players with zero picks? The answer feels simple: the Mavericks had enough of the Kristaps Porzingis experience. Despite the Mavericks doing everything they could to keep Porzingis upright and in games for as long as possible, Porzingis missed 68 of 202 games in just a shade under three total seasons with the Mavericks. The hope now is that splitting Porzingis’ rather large and toxic contract into two more digestible parts allows the Mavericks to get more creative in the trade market, as they now own a gaggle of contracts in the $10-$20 million range, the types of contracts that can make the money work in larger, more blockbuster-like acquisitions.

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